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Steps to Change Header Footer Text

Do you want to change header or footer Text / HTML? if so, here are simplest steps.

1:- First of all login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on SEOPress Options. you can find this link in top admin bar. also it is also sub menu of Appearance menu.

Suppose we want to change left Text / HTML of top bar.

2:- You can click on Top Bar above Header section from customize. you will see an option Top Bar Left Content. Click on Open Editor. it will open an editor with two mode Visual and Text. if you know little HTML / CSS, you can follow text mode. otherwise you can use Visual mode to update Text/ HTML.

NOTE: Text mode is better than Visual, because we can add our own Text / HTML / Icons.

Let update with text mode. it is not much difficult. you just need to copy past below text in notepad and change your phone number and email.

Here 0123456789 is dummy phone number. you need to update it two times as you can see in above text. similarly we can update email address.

Have you changed? Alright, now copy it from notepad to editor. make sure editor is open in Text mode. now you can click on Close Editor and Save & Publish button.

NOTE: New option added ” Top Bar Left Content View”. Choose Phone and Email to quickly update with your phone and email address.

if you know css, you can see fa fa-phone. it is simply font awesome css class name. we can also change it. Overall this is simple Text and HTML only.

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