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Manage Footer Widgets in SEOPress Theme

Do you want to put widgets in footer section ? if so, here are simple steps.

SEOPress WordPress theme do not display widgets by default. we have to enable footer widget option in SEOPress options.

Let enable it and drop some widgets in footer section.

1:- Open WordPress Dashboard and click on SEOPress Options link form top admin bar. you can also find this link under Appearance menu.

2:- Now click on Footer Options section. you will find an option called Footer Widgets.

3:- You will see 0, if you have not changed it before. Suppose, you want 3 widgets area in footer, then you can scroll the slider to 3.

4:- Now click on Save & Publish. and go to widgets page to add widgets ( Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets ). here you will see 3 widgets area for footer. Just pick any widget and drop on any footer widget area.

5:- if you want to disable it again. then set 0 in customize for Footer Widget option. if you want 2 widgets, then set 2 for footer widgets.

It is super easy. just set number of widgets, Save & Publish and move to Widgets page to add new widget.

Thanks and Enjoy custom footer widget feature !

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